Yoga Classic Basic

For anyone who has taken a yoga class, he/she can attest to how important it is for everyone in the class to work together. There are a lot of rules, both written and unwritten, regarding etiquette in a yoga class. Let’s discuss a few of these golden rules and other ways to create a better environment.


It seems like total common sense, but some still bring electronics to class and leave them out. In the case where you are on call for work, this is understandable and quickly letting your instructor know about this before class is helpful. If not, ditch that cell phone! If you are looking at your phone, you are not present in the class. Some will even go as far as recording the yoga class on their phones. This is blatantly stealing unless you have the instructor’s permission. 

Clean Space

It is everyone in the class’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the space he/she is sharing. The first thing that comes to mind is cleaning the yoga mat you use, but there are many other elements to consider. You, of course, want your body to be clean, but not wearing too strong of perfume or lotion is just as important. Strong floral and woody aromas can appeal to you, but it might not smell nice to others. Remember to keep the air just as clean as the rest of the room.


The placement in the yoga classroom is important to consider, but the reason behind these placements is also interesting to explore. For example, someone might want to be in the front of the class to tune out the world around him/her and allow himself/herself to be more focused on the instructor. But someone else could take the front to show off for the rest of the class. The first is admirable, while the latter is a behavior that should be improved. Getting used to one spot in a class for any reason is not advisable. Try to rotate all over the room every time you take a class.

Giving Up

Part of the challenge of yoga is pushing yourself to try new positions and holding them for longer than you thought you could. Will you succeed every time? Definitely not. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. What you should avoid is visibly giving up in class. Some will sigh loudly, some will just sit down on the mat, and some may audibly say, “I can’t do it.”, but these are all the wrong ways to handle the situation. These actions can distract others and alter the energy of the entire room. If you can’t hold the pose, hold it as close as you can to what is expected. If it is still hard, keep trying. 

Most yoga studios will also offer tours of their facilities when you sign up for a class. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have so you can be sure to understand what is expected of you. If questions arise after the fact, never be afraid to ask follow-up questions too.

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