Yoga Garment Comparison—Which is Better: Loose or Fitted?

The development of self-care requires reflection on yourself, by yourself, and placing an emphasis on the things that can make you feel like your best self. Sometimes, confidence and feeling great can start with being comfortable in the presentation of yourself to the outside world. The better you feel, the more you will engage in the world around you. One thing that can have a real effect on how you feel is your clothing. Certain clothes can make us feel different, and it is important to take control of your wardrobe and choose items that make you feel good.

While the overall trend has certainly moved towards tighter, fitted clothing, remember that you have options when it comes to your wardrobe. Engaging in certain workouts may be more comfortable with loose clothing rather than fitted. Unsure of which garment is better for a given day? Below is a small sampling of activities for which we have compared the two and decided, ultimately, which is a better choice.

Winter Workouts: Fitted

Even at ankle-length, loose clothing allows for a little bit of ventilation. During the winter, yogis typically need to keep their legs as warm as possible and fitted clothing does just that. By hugging your legs, pants with elastic or lycra materials essentially provide a second skin that keeps your body protected from the cold air.

Vinyasa Flow Class: Loose

During a vinyasa flow class, your body is moving quickly and holding postures where your arms and legs are extended. With repetitive movements such as vinyasa flow sequences, sometimes fitted clothing can shift, causing you to take a break in the practice to adjust your waistband, tug upwards on the material around your upper-thighs, or readjust material around your arms. Loose clothing typically allows you to continue a vinyasa flow sequence without the interruption of emergency wardrobe readjustments.

Summer Sessions: Both Fitted and Loose

Summer yoga can often be hot and sweaty, which makes yogis hesitant to wear ankle-length fitted clothing. Depending on the environment, even loose ankle-length pants can be too hot to bear. The best solution in this scenario is a combination of the two: try loose shorts that have fitted spandex underneath them. This allows you to practice without being self-conscious of accidental flashing while also enjoying the light ventilation that loose material can bring.

On-the-go Session: Fitted or Loose, Depending on Your Activities

If you have a lot planned for your day, you may need to pre-plan your yoga wardrobe with your other destinations in mind. Will you feel more comfortable in the grocery store wearing a certain garment over another? Anticipate the places you may go and people you may see before and after a session and pick the style of clothing that makes you feel confident.

Place a priority on self-care; consider what clothing is best for your body so that you can enjoy a fulfilling practice.

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