Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Arms and Shoulders

Physical conditioning is of great importance to maintain well-being and balance in our lives since a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy and positive mind. Presently, there are different methods of physical conditioning. The practice of yoga stands out favorably as an integral psychophysical discipline that optimizes the functions of the mind, body, and spirit.

To achieve the strengthening of the body, it is necessary to maintain a practice of dynamic and constant physical activity. In yoga, there are several preparatory exercises to achieve the most complex asanas correctly. In this opportunity, we will present exercises to strengthen the arms and shoulders to perform suspension asanas on arms, inversions and even posture of balance and permanence more easily.

In the practice of yoga, every part of the body is the protagonist in the postures and movements as well as the control of the breath and the thoughts that are held throughout the Sadhana. The arms and shoulders provide support and stability to the body developing strength, alignment, and flexibility in each asana.

Strengthening Exercises

Use compression pants or compression leggings for women on a yoga mat or the ground, and support hands and toes while the body is parallel with the floor in a Table pose. The buttocks and abdominal muscles must contract. Maintain this position for 60 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Semi Flexion – Chaturanga Dandasana

Following the previous position, semi-flex the elbows glued to the body. Slightly swing the body forward while the chest is inches from the floor flexing as slow as possible contracting gluteus, abdomen and pelvis. Keep elbows flexed for 5 to 3 breaths and resume the position of the board.

Note: When working the arms, the chest and abdomen is toned.

Downward Facing Dog Pose – Adho Mukha Svanasana with Variation

Starting from 4 support points (knees and hands resting on the mat,) bring the coccyx on high. Keep elbows extended and feet supported on the mat to the width of the hips. For the variant, first, flex the elbows resting on the mat, then interlock the hands making a triangle with the forearms and elbows, slightly cut the distance from the feet and tilt the body forward. The nose seeks to pass the hands. Each time they lean forward, the feet are pointed. Each time it turns back, the heels look for the ground. The more repetitions are made in this position, the greater the strength and resistance that wins in the abdomen, arms, and shoulders.

Exercises on the Wall

Experiencing the suspension on arms is the ecstasy of yoga practice. Once, the strength in the arms and shoulders develop, keeping the weight of the body in the inverted postures will be much more pleasant and simple.

In the position of Adho Mukha Svanasana, the ankles must be near the bottom edge of a wall and the hands should be firm on the ground and the breathing should be slow and controlled. Focus the gaze between both hands while the feet begin to walk on the wall making the body an L. If you feel comfortable in the pose, raise one leg while the complementary leg serves as a support on the wall. Repeat with the opposite leg. From this exercise, you begin with the preparation of a hand stop. It is important to keep the consciousness awake and know the conditions and limits of the body.

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